As a trial attorney, I’ve pushed back against conservative judges and greedy corporations.  I’ve fought to end racial discrimination in jury selection, to reduce prison sentences for drug offenses, and to keep people from being put in jail for driving while poor.

I grew up in Virginia and graduated from public high school.  I went to college and law school at the University of Virginia.  The big law firms didn’t want to hire me.  I moved to Atlanta in 2003 to be a staff attorney for the U.S. Court of Appeals.  I spent two years as a public defender, and opened my own law practice in 2008.

My proudest accomplishment is being on the forth ranked two-person debate team in the country back in 1999.  Not bad for a kid who stutters.  I enjoy hiking, and used to take pride on my times and mileages.  My son, Charlie, was born in 2014.  Since then, my belly has grown and my pace has slowed.  I still hit the gym several times a week and go to the mountains when I can.  The picture below was taken four months before Charlie was born.