*A state-wide minimum wage of $12 per hour.  Counties and cities may impose a higher figure.

*Legal Marijuana.  Marijuana is safer than alcohol and an effective treatment for chronic pain.  Law enforcement should focus its limited resources on violent crimes and burglaries.

*Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform.  No jail time for driving without insurance or not paying fines.  Compassionate city courts that focus on justice rather than fines.  Reduce prison sentences for non-violent offenders.

*Fair taxes.  Georgia’s tax system is so regressive, we could reduce taxes for 90% of Georgians without reducing revenues.  I want to cut the taxes on houses and cars in half and pay for this by taxing stocks and bonds.  I want to double the personal exemption and pay for this by increasing the rate on income over $150,000.

*Higher teacher pay to attract outstanding educators to our schools.